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Welcome to the Service Factory Contrib project!

Service Factory Contrib is a community-developed set of extensions and capabilities to the Web Service Software Factory from the patterns & practices team.

In short, if you wrote it, why not share it with the world so that they can benefit form all your good work? With your help Service Factory Contrib will evolve to include a wide range of additional developers who are building Web services can benefit from.

What does this project consist of?

Available downloads:
  • The VB.NET Release: Edward Bakker, a subject matter expert, and a highly valued member of the Web Service Software Factory Advisory Board (on several releases), was kind enough to extend the February 2008 release to include VB.NET code generation templates and project types. This is a source code release of his work. I'm pretty sure Edward also made it so you can build an MSI from this code base. Thanks for sharing Edward!
  • The Import WSDL Add-on (new version for WSSF 2010): Our close friends over at Agilesight, who also provide sustained engineering and support for the official release of the Web Service Software Factory, have provided this code (and the instructions for applying it) if you're interested in being able to generate models from existing WSDL documents. Very cool stuff. Thanks guys!
  • The EntLib 4.0 Policy Extensions: The goal of these extensions is to simplify the task of integrating PIAB (Policy Application Block) and WCF by providing some features like, design time support for applying policies to services, generating a host config with all the required sections that points to the specified entlib config file and implementing a WCF behavior that abstracts you from wrapping or creating objects using the PIAB factory.
  • Import from Assembly Extension: The people at X-Sistemas developed this extension and the documentation for using it. This extension allows the user to select a CLR type from an assembly, and import its public methods as operations and messages into an existing Service Contract. This feature is available as an option in the context menu of the Service Contract Model Designer.

Contributing to Service Factory Contrib

Would you like to join as a developer of the Service Factory Contrib project to share your own extensions or improve the existing codebase? Great! Here is what you need to know:

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